Rotary Vane Compressors

Aircare started in 1991 and our first product selection for Distributorship was the Hydrovane. Made in England and built to last – our Company sentiments exactly. So in simple terms – how does it work?

Rotary Vane Technology

  • A single stage, oil injected ‘Hydrovane’ Rotary Vane Air End. One moving part with no metal to metal contact during compression.
  • The Rotor, Blades and Stator Unit are all made from the same Cast Iron material meaning during compression they expand and contract at the same rate. This heat generation followed by cooling of the same material results in minimal wear on these parts so much to say they are 'run-in' after 1000-2000 hours to initially improve their performance.
  • A lifetime guarantee of the cast iron blades offers peace of mind and a guarantee of Air supply. Add to this years of improvement through technology, controllers, Advance extended warranty, low noise levels, High Efficiency Air End, excellent free air delivery at low rotational speed = Reduced Motor Stresses……the features and benefits go on and on….like your Hydrovane compressor.

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