Heat Recovery

Systems for air compressors

Use the excess heat to your advantage

Approximately 10% of all electricity used in industry is accounted for by compressed air systems.

It is a thermodynamic fact that around 95% of this energy is converted to heat and is wasted to the atmosphere through heat dissipated by the motor and cooling system, with the majority lost via the oil cooler. By re-directing the hot oil to a high efficiency oil to water heat exchanger, the heat can be transferred to water, raising the temperature to a required level for a multitude of applications.

Nice to have... or must have?

The heat generated during compression is paid for as part of the process, then paid for again during removal by way of cooling fans. Instead of simply removing the heat, it can be used to generate hot water, heating systems and application processes in other areas of the installation.
CompAir’s innovative heat recovery systems delivers the opportunity to save money, energy and help to protect the environment.

The heat recovery principal

The basic principle lies in the transferral of heat into a medium and then transporting it to where it can be utilised. The hot cooling air of a closed air cooled compressor can be diverted to an enclosed area via ducting for heating.

Visit our you tube channel for an illustration of how you can put heat recovery to work.

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