Oil / Water Separators

Efficient on-site disposal of compressed air condensate

Environmental regulations strictly prohibit the discharge of oily wastes and chemicals, including the condensate drained from a compressed air system. This mixture of oil and water is classified as hazardous industrial waste, and the discharge of untreated compressor condensate into foul sewers is prohibited.

Compressor condensate must be either collected or treated prior to disposal, using an oil/water separator to remove the oil from the condensate. Considering that compressor condensate consists of approximately 95% water, it makes financial sense to separate the oil from the condensate prior to the disposing of waste. Untreated condensate disposal is costly as it is charged by volume.

Every end-user that operates a compressed air system should have a (condensate) waste management program (ISO 14000) in place, not only to abide by laws and regulations but also to practice environmental and ecological responsibility. CompAir CSEP Oil/Water Separators are a reliable, efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.