The Carbon Trust

Beko Oil Water SeparatorsMany of our customers can benefit from government grants through the Carbon Trust. This is a grant that some customers can make use of by investing in newer, more efficient machines, saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint.

Water Resources Act

The Water Resource Act (1991) was put in place to protect water sources from pollution. It defines the environment agency’s role in water pollution, resource management, fisheries, navigation and flood defence. It covers discharges to surface and ground waters, estuaries and coastal waters, and controls abstracting and impounding water. Under the act, it is an offence to cause or knowingly permit any polluting material (Poisonous, noxious, etc.) material or solid waste to enter controlled water.

The act was put in place to make businesses and individuals who cause water pollution accountable for their actions. It is illegal to dump polluted water that has not been treated. This is punishable by imprisonment, fines or both.

Beko BEKOMAT Zero Loss DrainsCompressors can produce a mix of harmful toxins with water, which if left untreated can work its way to ground or be discharged without realisation of the consequence by the client to drain.  

Aircare are dedicated to helping protect the environment we all depend on.

By simply fitting an oil water separator unit to your compressed air condensate points, following the recommended steps shown in the BCAS factsheet 301*

*The owner of the compressed air system can ensure compliance. Please also refer to BCAS factsheet 301 for FAQ's regarding hazardous waste.

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The above is a brief interpretation of part of the Water Resources Act (1991). To view the act in full, please follow this link

Please find some relevant documents in the downloads section

Beko leak detector in actionCarbon Reduction

Reducing electrical consumption not only saves money but reduces your carbon emissions, both of which are major considerations for all Company’s.  This is something that Aircare are committed to through energy audit, efficient equipment – compressors & downstream, intelligent and efficient controls, leak reduction and heat recovery to start !  We offer a full energy audit service and this will save your business money.  Contact our sales team in the first instance by phone or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.